Behavioral Observations


We are a group of Statisticians, MBA’s, PMP Project Managers, Master Black Belts, Biologist, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Advertisers, Digital Marketing Specialist, and Technologist who are trained trained by Ivy League Schools, US Air Force, Fortune 500 Corporations and local Government Agencies.

We listen to the “voice” of your processes.

We use our 27 years of experience to deliver proven solutions that listen to signals inside of your processes.

Employees and customers interact with your processes in their own unique ways.  In doing this, their interaction behavior creates patterns that we are trained to observer and improve to enhance the experiences for your employees, partners, suppliers, and your customers.

Behavioral observation helps us identify the causes of inconsistent experiences and show organizations how to reduce cost while improving operations. Mr. Wayne S. Bell

Our observation approach monitors manufacturing, operations, logistics, sales, marketing, and your financial process moments such as:

  • Employees understanding the problems your product or services solves for the customer.
  • Seeing the customer as an individual is embedded in your business model and success goals.
  • Your entire organization is focused on creating a relationship instead of just conducting a transaction.
  • Your suppliers and partners are providing timely service and of the highest quality.
  • Your marketing is more about teaching and not about selling.
  • Employees are receiving “what they need” and “when they need it” to deliver quality work and service.
  • A consistent representation of your brand is visible online and throughout your local community.
  • Quick response to social media items to build credibility.