Community Success Stories

We have selected short success stories below that we feel will help you make a decision to allow us to be apart of your team. All of our solutions utilize technology and mathematics to deliver analytical insights for better decision making. Please enjoy…

Nate is an Air Condition repairmen who wanted to let people know that he would make 24/7 house calls and that his customers love him and utilized his services for years.

~ Commerce Solution ~

Marketing – We created a marketing plan that laid out how we would leverage Google, while delivery of new content/videos to the mobile website that we created for him.

Selling – One of our writers took the content from his website and wrote it in a way for a the mobile customer who would conduct a Google Search when their air condition stop working.

Transacting – We included in his mobile website the ability to accept payments directly from the customers phone. Extra layers of security were added to reduce a potential breach.

Serving – We embedded social networks into his mobile website with analytical event notification so he can stay up-do-date on the latest activity.

Alex wanted to receive more immigration law inquires from a 30 mile radius of his location.

~ Commerce Solution ~

Marketing – We updated his website and created a mobile business card with Search Engine Optimization to ensure his content would be found by customer searching on the desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Selling – We ensured the navigation flowed in a seamless way to engage the visitors as they learned more about his services.

Transacting – We streamlined the retainer payment process by created hidden pages that allowed Alex to accept credit card and/or checks directly from his website or mobile business card.

Serving – We embedded social networks into his mobile business card with real-time analytical so we could ensure that visits are coming from the 30 mile radius requirement.

Stephanie relocated her beauty salon and wanted the new neighborhood to know a new salon was in town.

~ Commerce Solution ~

Marketing – We created a marketing plan that would utilize Google Adwords to help generate local buzz.

Selling – We created a responsive website with a single page layout the best suited the taste of her target clients.

Transacting – We placed her with a new merchant processor that reduced her rates by 33% and we installed a tablet payment system that all stylist utilized.

Serving – We embedded social networks into her website with analytical tracking to understand the return of the monthly Adwords investment.

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